The Little Sea Horse
Secret Friends
Supernatural Stories
Sophie and the Sea Wolf
The Sea Piper
The Earth Giant
Never Let Go
A Little Lower Than The Angels
Little Grey Donkey
Just Grandpa And Me
The Girl in the Blue Tunic
The Goose Girl
The Saturday Club
Blue and Green Ark
Tom's Sausage Lion
Pilgrim's Progress
Horse Healer
Mr Corbett's Ghost
Jack Holborn
A Deer From The Hill
The Dandelion Wish
The Oxford Book Of Ghost Stories
Black Jack
Devil In The Fog
Pony In The Dark
Snow Ponies
Daddy's Lullaby
The Horse Girl
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Feather Wars
Thank You, Grandpa
Scabbit Isle
Blue Rabbit
Blood On Snow
Greek Heroes
The Faerie Queen
Room For A Little One
The Christmas Tree Fairy
The Secret Garden
Walking With The Dead
Star Baby
The Oxford Book Of Bible Stories
A Song In Bethlehem
St Paul
Path To The Stars

Counter Clockwise (author)